Our Programs


Detailed descriptions of our most notable programmes can be found below, enjoy the read!

Green/Clean Community!

Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) began inspiring and encouraging local communities, governments and schools to take part in “Clean Up the World” event in 1994. Since then, this campaign has become a perfect opportunity to summarize annual efforts on behalf of a clean and healthy environment. 
Thus we offer local governments, communities, and schools our assistance and the model approach we have prepared for environmental education. We aid you in the process of creating active environmental education programmes on the local level. The concept of Green/Clean Community project was based on our experience and the knowledge we gained from our contacts and the events we coordinated. 
In 1999-2000 Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) conducted a pilot programme in Izabelin in cooperation with Bayer company. In 2000 we used this experience to help many other local communities (e.g., Konstancin-Jeziorna, Tarczyn, Brwinów) prepare their own Green/Clean Community programmes. 
The aim of this campaign is to address a range of local environmental problems, such as wild garbage dumps, which can only be solved with active participation from citizens and inhabitants of the community. It is not enough to clean up these garbage heaps, as it will only fix the effect of the problem temporarily. The only true solution is to remove the cause of the problem and prevent new dumps from appearing. This can be done through educational.

International Clean Up the Baltic programme!

The International Clean Up the Baltic programme is an educational and informative campaign aimed at all the citizens of the Baltic countries, including the inhabitants of inland regions. Their input has a meaningful impact on the condition of sea water (each time we turn on the tap links us to the Baltic Sea). Therefore the event and all the information about it will be promoted with the slogan:  “Our sea is to be as clean as the smallest river or stream in every country facing the Baltic.” 
The issue of Baltic pollution, apart from the littered beaches, is also a matter of increasing nutrient levels in the water, not visible to our eyes. These nutrients (mostly nitrogen and phosphorus) make the sea overfertilised (eutrophicated). This results in upsetting the balance of the ecosystem (the drastically accelerated growth of micro-organisms using lots of oxygen eventually leads to the creation of spaces with no oxygen). This lack of oxygen obviously spells the death of marine life. The sources of nutrients in the sea are mostly daily-use detergents, washing powders, etc.  Therefore we ask not to overuse them and follow the producer’s instructions. Another serious nutrients source are agricultural fertilisers. Conclusion? Simple: the soil should not be overly fertilised. 
In 2010 the 4th edition of the event was scheduled for September when the tourist season is about to end. Following the success of previous editions we continue to raise awareness and attention regarding the issue of the Baltic’s pollution.

By planting trees, we can change our future! 

The Beskid Mountains present a unique treasure of our landscape and thus we would like them to bring joy for future generations as well. This is why we created the “My Strong Tree” programme, so that this magnificent area will remain unchanged. Within this project we have planted 1 million new trees in the Beskid Mountains area (e.g., on the slopes of Barania Góra). 
Apart from tree planting, the “My Strong Tree” project lays great emphasis to awareness raising, information, and education following the proverb: “the person who thinks 10 years ahead plants trees. However, the person who thinks 100 years ahead educates the people”. In 2009 we prepared an additional programme regarding trees and forests, climate change, and water resourcesfor teachers and their pupils. 
Additionally the “My Strong Tree”  programme gives an opportunity to gain financial aid for projects whose purpose is to protect water and forests (also for planting trees). Within the pilot edition of this grant initiative 30 projects were started. Financing was provided by Żywiec Zdrój S.A., for example to create a kindergarten arboretum, run a series of educational presentations and lectures for children and youngsters, and also to plant an additional 2000 new trees in different locations not within the main project’s tree planting area. 

Chestnut Protection Programme!

 Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) and Clear Channel Poland started a nationwide horse chestnut protection programme in 2005. Its aim is active tree protection and educational activities regarding the means and need for protection of trees. 
In 2006 State Forests joined the programme and in 2007 we joined forces with IKEA. Additionally, in 2006 the programme received the patronage of the President of Poland. 
The main purpose of this project is to protect as many horse chestnut trees in Poland as possible. It promotes environmental education, as well as concrete conservation actions (tree inventories, raking the leaves containing chestnut leaf miner’s larvae, encouraging the services responsible for trees and plants to take necessary steps in order to protect the chestnuts). 
The key and major part of the programme every year is “The Chestnut Tree Day” (taking place always on the 2nd Wednesday of May) which is an event that consists of happenings, performances, themed marches, special lessons in schools, and many, many more activities. Its purpose is to raise awareness about trees infected by chestnut leaf miners (a species of leaf mining moth) but also to present the public with efforts and activities undertaken to help these trees by various schools all around the country. The first “Chestnut Tree Day” ever took place in 2006 in six cities in Poland. Several thousand children and youth from many schools participated in it, and relations and reports from the event were broadcast by the most popular ews programme on Polish TV. 
We kindly wish to invite you to take part in our Chestnut Protection Programme!
 For more information see: Help us protect the chestnut trees!
Our Earth Clubs!
In the 1980s the first edition of Clean Up the World took place in Australia. Nowadays nearly 30 million volunteers from 122 countries all around the world take place in this event every year. You can say it is the biggest social and environmental initiative on our planet. Thanks to the Clean Up the World campaign people of all continents not only learn how to take care of their own countries, but also help the Earth every day. 
Poland’s “Clean Up the World” campaign started in 1994, and has been held and coordinated by Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) ever since. Despite its name, the campaign is not only about “cleaning”. as a range of environmental and educational programmes and projects are ever being implemented. For more information see:,,
In all of our campaigns the most important thing is always people – mainly teachers and their pupils who spend their time and create and take part in valuable initiatives for environmental protection. We want to reward that effort and help them! 
 Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) encourages kindergarten, primary and secondary school, and university teachers to form Our Earth Clubs. Their aim is to create and organise all possible initiatives and eventsconcerning environmental protection and education. The Foundation will take every new club under patronage and support its activities. All you really need to do to start your own Our Earth Club is to send us a copy of approval signed by your school’s headmaster. We also ask you to provide the name of your establishment, its address, name, and contact of the person directly responsible for your newly created club. You can do this via e-mail (at: or by fax (022 622 81 18). 
After your club has been created, Fundacja Nasza Ziemia (Our Earth Foundation) will provide you with practical educational and informative materials. Periodically we will also reward the best, most effective, and most active Our Earth Club caretakers, however the most important reward we will all receive is a clean, green and healthy Earth!